Financial Planning Done Well

At Money Quotient®, we teach financial professionals how to bring science to the art of relationship. By combining important elements of behavioral sciences, psychology, neurology, sociology, and effective communication we’ve created a practical turn-key process for a fun and engaging client experiences that transforms lives and increases financial well-being.

What We Teach

Research Based

Our tools, training, and client experience model is designed with a research-based, multi-disciplinary approach that helps to maximize the success of the advisor/client relationship and impact of the recommendation and education.


With 30+ years of research, development, testing, and refinement, you can rest assure your investment to learn and implement the True Wealth Planning model will result in highly engaged and committed clients.

Replicable Process

Financial life planning is only as effective as its implementation. We teach you a systemized process you can implement in every meeting with every client.

Who We Work With

Any financial professional working directly with clients would benefit from the True Wealth™ Planning model. We are thrilled to work with financial planners, coaches, counselors, educators, and more!

New Advisors

If you're brand new to the industry and want a framework to lean on to jumpstart your ability to engage clients at the highest level, we can get you there.


If you're an established professional wanting to update your client experience, systemize your approach, or differentiate yourself from other firms, we got you.

Growing Firm

If you’re adding advisors or bringing on a successor and looking to create a practical process that can be used by all advisors no matter their experience, this is the place.

Frequently Asked Questions

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