October 25 - 27

The MQ Research Consortium recently updated a 15-year-old study to explore how demographic shifts, economic uncertainties, environmental threats, political transitions, global unrest, and a worldwide pandemic have forever altered the needs and expectations of financial planning clients. The key question explored was, “Have the factors that foster higher levels of client trust and commitment changed over time?” At the 2022 MQ Retreat, lead researchers Carol Anderson, M.S., and Deanna Sharpe, Ph.D., will present the results and discuss the implications of this groundbreaking study.   

In addition, notable scholars and practitioners will use this information as a springboard for sharing insights and knowledge that will equip you to meet current challenges and to serve as beacons in the lives of your clients for many years to come:


Located in the state's northwest area, near the Washington-Oregon border, Portland is smaller and more laid-back than its nearest metropolitan neighbor, Seattle. It celebrates eco-friendliness, equal rights, art, music, independent business, outdoor activities, food, coffee, and - especially - beer and wine.

The Willamette River divides Portland into east and west districts. A main thoroughfare running north and south divides the city further, resulting in six “quadrants" - Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, North, Northeast, and East - each with its own neighborhoods, restaurants, bars, pubs, parks, and shops brimming with the unique flavor and flair of their quadrant.

Portland is filled with greenery and boasts an abundance of urban parks. Forest Park is the largest wilderness park within city limits in the United States, covering more than 5,000 acres. Clear days in Portland offer views of both Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens and the opportunity to take a stroll along the Willamette River.


This year’s event will be held at the JupiterNEXT Hotel on the east side of the  Willamette River in Portland’s Kerns neighborhood. Money Quotient has reserved a block of rooms at the hotel for attendees. 

Please use this link* to reserve your room. 

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The final date to register and book your hotel room at this discounted rate is October 4.

Extended Stays

If you would like to stay additional days at the hotel, please book the MQ Retreat dates through the link above, then call the hotel at 503-234-7767 to extend your visit. You will need your booking confirmation code.


October 25, 2022 ~ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Our 2022 MQ Retreat experience begins with a Meet and Greet reception the evening of October 25th. This event is included in your registration fee for the MQ Retreat. 

Join us at Hey Love, a lush tropical bar & restaurant located in the lobby of the JupiterNEXT hotel. Money Quotient will provide snacks and a meeting area, and guests may also order drinks and other food items at the bar or with our servers. 

We will be gathering for casual drinks and conversation. This will be a great opportunity to recharge after a day of traveling in a relaxed and congenial setting. Take time to reconnect with old friends, welcome first timers, and prepare for the next two days of inspirational presentations and stimulating conversations.


October 26 ~ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Our annual Celebration Dinner will take place in the same location as our MQ Retreat. Appetizers, a buffet dinner, and two drink tickets are included in the price of your MQ Retreat registration. A cash bar will be available for additional beverages. 


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm: MQ will host an hour-long cocktail hour, featuring drinks and hors d’oeuvres. 

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm: Hey Love will cater our Celebration Dinner. The menu will include gluten-free and vegetarian options. 

* Please let us know if you have allergies or dietary restrictions by contacting us, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

Carol Anderson, M.S., President of MQ Research & Education

Do Factors that Foster Client Trust and Commitment Evolve Over Time?

The 2006 “Survey of Specific Elements of Communication that Affect Trust and Commitment in the Financial Planning Process” provided empirical support for the critical role that “life planning” communication plays in developing successful planner-client relationships.  However, in the 15 years since that research was conducted, several significant economic events and social changes have occurred with broad implications for financial planning engagements.  In 2021, the MQ Research Consortium replicated the original study to gain new insights regarding the factors critical to developing and preserving client trust and commitment in an ever-changing environment.

1.0 CFP CE pending acceptance of CFP Board

Jame Hindes, MBA

The Art and Science of Virtual Meetings

James Hindes of ENOW Financial runs a 100% virtual practice, with meetings that successfully incorporates the Money Quotient tools into the client experience. James will discuss both the Art and Science of running a successful virtual meeting that incorporates both EQ and IQ.  In this session you will learn:

  1. The pros, cons, and myths of virtual meetings
  2. How to "read the room" when you're not in the room
  3. The benefits of narrating the obvious, asking permission, and pausing   to take notes
  4. How to leverage Money Quotient's web-based forms and tools for client engagement
  5. How to tailor your physical environment for a successful virtual meeting
  6. The importance of financial planning visualizations tailored for screens

Timi Joy Jorgensen, Ph.D.

Improving Client Relationships and Outcomes through the Inclusive Financial Wellbeing and Empowerment Model

Learn how individual identity shapes the way we think, feel, behave, and interact with our financial world. Dive into detailed findings that can unlock structural, behavioral, and cultural barriers your clients face in achieving financial health. Explore tools and techniques to navigate the planner / client relationship and create more meaningful engagement with your clients.

 1.5 CFP CE pending acceptance of CFP Board

Meghaan Lurtz, Ph.D., CFP®, FBS™

Financial Stress & Anxiety: Keeping Yourself & Clients Mentally Healthy

In today’s digital-age culture where nearly all sources of news and media are instantly accessible and information overload is a normal state of being, it is not surprising that stress and anxiety are very commonly experienced in our fast-paced society. And in fact, stress and anxiety about specific financial problems are what most often drive people to seek the help of an advisor in the first place! 

 1.5 CFP CE pending acceptance of CFP Board

Deanna Sharpe, Ph.D., CFP®, CRPC®, CRPS

Financial Planning Conversations in Challenging and Changing Times

Helping clients navigate change is an important objective of financial planning.  But what if change has a profound effect on the profession itself? The recent covid crisis and growing demand for cultural competence calls for review of evidence-based best practices in light of these challenges. Specifically, in what ways and to what extent do client financial anxiety, virtual meeting navigation, and cultural awareness shape financial planning conversations and development of client trust and commitment?

 1.0 CFP CE pending acceptance of CFP Board





Retreat Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel ON OR BEFORE SEPTEMBER 27, 2022, you will receive a FULL REFUND, minus a $100.00 processing fee.
  • If you cancel BETWEEN SEPTEMBER 28 – OCTOBER 11, 2022 you will receive a 50% REFUND, minus a $100.00 processing fee.
  • NO REFUND will be provided for cancellation after OCTOBER 11, 2022.
  • NO REFUND will be provided to individuals who are registered but do not attend the Retreat (i.e., “No Shows”).



To learn more about the 2022 MQ Retreat, including speakers and topics, the venue, and Portland, click here to review a helpful information packet.