Money Quotient (MQ™) was founded in January 2001 to provide financial advisors and other professionals with the tools and training they need to assist their clients in developing a more successful and satisfying relationship with money.  As an  organization focused on education and research, MQ is dedicated to exploring and promoting a life-centered perspective to building client relationships and to delivering financial advice that is aligned with the unique set of values, priorities, and circumstances of the individuals and families being served.

Therefore, Money Quotient focuses on both the practical and emotional factors that either enhance or hinder quality of life and financial satisfaction. According to the underlying philosophy of our company, an individual’s financial life can be represented by this simple formula:

Within a short period of time, our company has gained a national reputation for being a leader in the development of effective life planning tools that facilitate significant client relationships and meaningful financial planning strategies.  Our MQ Partner's report important outcomes as the result of using the Money Quotient materials and recommended processes: This perspective is unique because rather than using net worth as the true picture of one’s financial status, MQ takes a more holistic approach to assessing “true wealth.”

At Money Quotient, we strive to offer the highest quality products and learning opportunities to professionals and organizations via affordable Partnership arrangements.  We believe in delivering superior customer service and seek to develop long-term and supportive relationships with each Partner. In addition, we provide avenues for building a sense of community among those dedicated to finding meaning and purpose in their work and making a difference in the lives of others.

In defining our day to day activities and vision for the future, we at Money Quotient have adopted the phrase growth from the inside out as our guiding principle. To this end, the MQ Team is committed to developing and continually improving the internal procedures and systems that allow us, as an organization, to operate in an efficient and exceptional way.  And, more importantly, the achievements and contributions of each team member are recognized and highly valued.  To us, Money Quotient is more than workplace; it is a platform for exploring one’s potential and a supportive environment for pursuing growth and balance in all areas in life.  We believe that it is only through placing a priority on “growth from the inside out” that we can offer authentic and truly professional leadership to the life planning community.


The mission of Money Quotient is to facilitate the exploration and implementation of a values-based, life-centered approach to financial planning.

We believe this holistic process engages individuals and empowers them to maximize their resources and live meaningful and purposeful lives.

To this end, we support innovative research, provide the highest quality tools and training, and nurture a community of like-minded professionals who truly want to effect positive change in the lives of those they serve.