Chapter X Podcast Reaches 150 Episodes!

MQ Veteran and past Advisory Board member Michael Kay, CFP®, just hit 150 episodes on his podcast, Chapter X! Episode 150: Life After 50 with Mark Barnes and James Sturtevant. This podcast focuses on helping men transition to the next chapter of their lives after hard-charging careers.

“We talk about listing some of your shortcomings and some of your fears. Go through these things and jot them down. Why do you think you don’t have a purpose? Why do you think there’s nothing left? And then, let’s talk about what to do about that. And that whole idea is to create an attitude that is founded on growth…our phrasing is ‘momentum mindset’ – that we are always evolving, learning, growing, and getting better.”

Congrats Michael! So happy to have you in our MQ Community!