2021 MQ Gathering – A Virtual Event

Registration for the 2021 MQ Gathering is now closed.

We have decided to move forward with our 2021 MQ Gathering as a virtual event in the hopes that more of those who are interested in joining our MQ Community in important conversations can do so in a way that is convenient and safe.

While virtual retreats don’t require booking a hotel or making travel arrangements, they do require your most precious resource: your time. Please mark your calendars November 3 – 5 from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm PST.

As many of you know, our events are very interactive and are most valuable when you can fully engage. We recommend clearing your plate (as you would with an in-person conference) of all other work obligations so that you are able to fully engage in the discussions and have time to process the day’s learnings each evening. In addition, please plan to have your webcam turned on for the entirety of the conference. We can’t wait to welcome you to this unique experience.

Year Two & Beyond: Reimagine the Purpose and Potential of Your Client Relationships

How are you approaching financial planning discussions and nurturing your client relationships beyond the first year? In general, the profession has limited the focal points of long-term relationships to monitoring, reporting, and recommending updates to the financial plan. We believe there is potential for so much more!

We love the word REIMAGINE: “to think about again, especially to change or improve.” The act of “reimagining” invites us to step out of our current reality, engage in creative thinking, and experience rewards beyond our hopes and expectations.

During the MQ Gathering, join us in exploring the belief systems ingrained in the profession that cause obstacles and limitations to expand the value we provide to our clients. 

Do clients prefer to keep financial discussions private, or would they be interested in connecting, forming a community, and learning from others’ experiences? Do clients feel an urgency to have all the answers immediately, or would they prefer a more relaxed pace to process options before deciding on a path?

In addition, we will identify the challenges of our current business models and brainstorm innovative ideas for future opportunities

What are the ways that our revenue models are limiting our flexibility? How does the traditional one-on-one meeting format limit options and availability to provide value in other ways? Is there an opportunity to remove the pressure to “prove worth” in an ongoing client relationship?



More Information

Download this printable information packet that includes a detailed summary of our theme, the format of the MQ Gathering, and more.

Registration Fees and Deadlines

  • MQ Partner: $700
  • MQ VIP Partner:  $560
  • All Others: $900

Please note: Registration closes October 15, 2021

MQ Gathering Policy

  • If you cancel ON OR BEFORE OCTOBER 15, 2021, you will receive a FULL REFUND, minus a $100.00 processing fee.
  • If you cancel BETWEEN OCTOBER 16, 2021 – October 25, 2021 you will receive a 50% REFUND, minus a $100.00 processing fee.
  • NO REFUND will be provided for cancellation after OCTOBER 25, 2021.
  • NO REFUND will be provided to individuals who are registered but do not attend the MQ Gathering (i.e., “No Shows”).