MQ Education: Help Your Clients Measure & Raise Their MQ

About the Webinar

Self-knowledge is an essential ingredient to understanding and improving money management habits and feeling clear and confident with financial decisions. Therefore the “Measure Your MQ” Self-Assessment and the “Raise Your MQ” Workbook were designed to help your client focus their thinking on both the fact (IQ) and feeling (EQ) aspects of their financial well-being (MQ). 

EQ (emotional intelligence) + IQ (financial knowledge) = MQ (financial well-being)

These MQ Tools will allow your client to evaluate and improve their practicable knowledge and emotional awareness in five key areas that contribute to their financial health and life satisfaction.

  1. Recognition: an understanding of the roles practical knowledge and emotional awareness play in achieving financial well-being
  2. Resilience: your ability to navigate transitions and to bounce back from financial setbacks
  3. Resourcefulness: your motivation and ability to maximize resources for achieving financial well-being and life satisfaction
  4. Relationships: connections with others that affect your financial well-being and life satisfaction
  5. Wisdom: linking financial goals to your values and priorities in life

When your clients can earn, spend and invest their money in ways that are both “smart” and compatible with their underlying values and priorities, they will experience higher levels of life satisfaction and fulfillment.

Join MQ President Amy Mullen as she provides an overview and tips for best practices of the “Measure Your MQ” self-assessment and the “Raise Your MQ” workbook.


This webinar is free and open to MQ PARTNERS only