MQ Open Forum: Helping Clients Navigate Internal Conflict by Exploring Biography

About the Webinar

Money can sometimes serve as a source of conflict in our client’s lives. Often, that discord comes from deep-rooted perspectives that have been developed over time. Exploring past experiences can help to raise awareness of those perspectives and their origins, setting the stage to ask, “Is this perspective serving you well, or is it holding you back?”

In this MQ Open Forum, we’ll discuss how exploring your client’s biography can help in specific scenarios, including clients who overspend, carry a scarcity mindset, or have more than enough financial wealth but feel generally unhappy. 

This webinar is an excellent fit if you feel ready to take a deeper dive into the client conversations you’re having around biography.

Our MQ Open Forum webinars bring collaborative discussions to the virtual meeting space. Each session will focus on a particular topic and highlight the pertinent practical/emotional aspects of client relationships and processes. The format for each Open Forum will be similar:

  • 20 minutes: We will begin with a brief introduction to the topic and share the MQ
  • 20 minutes: We will provide a handful of questions before moving into small group breakouts, allowing you to discuss the topic, learning with and from others
  • 20 minutes: We will reconvene as a large group to share the key takeaways

Be sure to take advantage of these valuable opportunities to interact with like-minded peers and gain new insights and ideas for your practice.

(Last month, we touched on the fundamentals and the MQ tools and resources available in the biography inquiry category. We will be building on those fundamentals during this conversation. We suggest watching the recording before joining us if you’re looking for foundational information around this topic area. MQ Partners can email Jim to receive a copy of the recording.)


This webinar free and open to MQ PARTNERS only.