MQ Educational Webinar – Annual MQ Partner Update

About the Webinar

We aim to provide the highest quality tools and training by continuously improving our materials, resources, trainings, and webinar offerings by incorporating new research and refining our model and support. In addition, feedback from the MQ Community leads to the development of new tools, resources, and education annually.

With these goals in mind, we invite you to join us for this MQ Partner Update to keep abreast of new developments at Money Quotient and our plans for the future! Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to the MQ Community, we strongly advise joining us for this free session.

During this webinar, MQ President Amy Mullen, CFP®, and members of the MQ Team will share updates and discuss new offerings available to the MQ Community.

Topics will include:

  • Several new programs rolling out in 2022
  • New MQ Tools for client’s in retirement
  • New detailed guides for successfully facilitating each meeting of the True Wealth Planning Process
  • New resources focused on working with existing clients
  • New practice management resources, including email templates and meeting agendas for the entire client experience
  • Updates to MQ Tools & Resources
  • MQ Retreat in October
  • New Communications Course for MQ Veterans in the Fall
  • And, MORE!

We will conclude with a Q&A session and encourage you to join in with questions, comments, and ideas!


This webinar is free and open to MQ Partners only.