MQ Open Forum: Legacy Planning – Creating Values-Based Continuity Across Generations

About the Webinar

In financial planning, the word “legacy” can conjure up images of end-of-life and estate planning, but the term’s true definition is much broader. One’s actual legacy is something that is developed over a lifetime and is shaped by their decisions and behaviors. As a trusted advisor, guiding your client in being mindful of the legacy they want to create can lead to them feeling more fulfilled in life and motivated to implement the necessary financial strategies to make it happen.

In this MQ Open Forum, we will talk about the various interpretations of the word “legacy” that your client might have, whether it applies to the individual, family, community, or humanity. We’ll also discuss the tools and resources MQ Partners can use to help clients explore their unique definition of a healthy legacy. Clarity around personal legacy aspirations can positively impact long-term planning and your clients’ everyday actions. 

Our MQ Open Forum webinars bring collaborative discussions to the virtual meeting space. Each session will focus on a particular topic and highlight the pertinent practical/emotional aspects of client relationships and processes. The format for each Open Forum will be similar:

  • 20 minutes: We will begin with a brief introduction to the topic and share the MQ Perspective
  • 20 minutes: We will provide a handful of questions before moving into small group breakouts, allowing you to discuss the topic, learning with and from others
  • 20 minutes: We will reconvene as a large group to share the key takeaways

Be sure to take advantage of these valuable opportunities to interact with like-minded peers and gain new insights and ideas for your practice.


This webinar is open to EVERYONE!

  • FREE to MQ Partners
  • $25.00 fee for Others