Guiding Clients to Giving With Intention

About the Webinar

Research shows that the more an individual, couple, or family aligns their giving with what is most important to them, the more they will experience the benefits of intrinsic reward, including higher levels of life satisfaction, fulfillment, and well-being. Facilitating a discovery process that guides clients in exploring, discussing, and identifying core values is a foundational and critical first step toward reaping the full benefits of giving. Once the purpose of their giving has been chosen, however, the array of options and opportunities in philanthropy can be complex and overwhelming.

Money Quotient is excited to welcome Kelly Caffarelli, JD, and Faye Dresner, MBA, MSW of Resonance ATL, to share their expertise, experience, and knowledge in working directly with donors to ensure their contributions are making the desired impact.  Some of the questions and topics they will address include:

  • How does a client’s risk tolerance inform the types of organizations they would feel most comfortable contributing to?
  • What are the various ways of making contributions, and what is important to consider when choosing an option?
  • What are essential elements to consider when evaluating an organization or cause a client would like to support?
  • What makes evaluating charitable organizations tricky?

About our Guests

Kelly Caffarelli, JD offers a unique perspective gained from leading a corporate foundation and a nonprofit, advising private funders and boards, and serving on numerous boards. After over a decade practicing corporate law, she become President and member of the Board of a national corporate foundation where she developed innovative funding relationships that created successful, long-term philanthropic partnerships. At the same time, she led an employee assistance fund that provided over $12 million annually to those facing immediate financial hardships. As a consultant, she has developed and implemented corporate and foundation programs that reflect the clients’ priorities and unique cultures. Her nonprofit governance work focuses on incorporating best practices and practical improvements that encourage effective meetings and consensus-based decision-making.

Faye Dresner, MBA, MSW is a purpose-driven leader who has spent her career working with organizational, philanthropic, and board leaders to increase impact, align action with vision, and build capacity to create change. This work has involved developing teams, overseeing multi-faceted projects, and managing complex human dynamics all with a track record of creating greater organizational sustainability and impact, effective change and growth, and higher performing teams. Through her current work as a consultant and coach to organizations, leaders, and donors, Faye’s guiding principle is to leverage talent, partnerships, funding, and skills to benefit the community through social impact.

Registration Fee

This webinar is open to EVERYONE.

  • Free to MQ Partners
  • $25 fee for others