A Conversation with Carl Richards

About the Webinar

MQ President Amy Mullen is thrilled to announce her upcoming conversation on December 6, writing:

Carl Richards likely needs no introduction to the members of our MQ Community, but if you’ve had your head in the sand and somehow missed hearing about or seeing this popular keynote speaker on the financial industry conference circuit, here are a few hallmarks of his work:

What we love about Carl is his insatiable hunger for learning and growing.  He has an amazing willingness to be vulnerable and explore the deeper layers of client interactions and humanity’s complex relationship with the cross-section of money and life.

In October, Carl invited me to be his guest on his virtual Worldwide Chapter Meeting for The Society of Advice membership. Our conversation explored the subconscious reasons clients seek assistance from financial planners and how the role of a financial planner needs to evolve. Carl shared a 22-minute video of the highlights of our conversation, which also inspired me to write a blog article titled, “Advice Kills Conversation.

Recently, Carl accepted my invitation to continue this conversation on a Money Quotient webinar. Join us on December 6th at 10:00 am PT and listen in as we discuss industry assumptions that need to be challenged and imagine the future of the financial planning profession.

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