EQ Skills Workshop: Developing Communication Strategies to Enhance Client Engagement


Please note: This course is for those who have been current MQ Partners for at least two years. 

Would you like to improve how you navigate the conversations with the MQ Tools? Are you ready to enhance your listening and facilitation skills?

If you have been an MQ Partner for two or more years and would like to increase your effectiveness with the True Wealth™ Planning process you have created in your practice, than this is the workshop for you!

Come join MQ President Amy Mullen, CFP® and MQ Veterans Brenna Baucum, CFP® and Paul Leighton, CLU, ChF as they guide you through a three-day virtual intensive workshop. This experience will provide you with a refresher on the purpose, objectives, and psychological aspects at play in each stage of the client relationship, an overview of various communication frameworks and techniques from the Motivational Interviewing model, and opportunities to observe demonstrations, practice with partners, and provide and receive feedback in small groups as each participants works to improve.


A fully engaged client is more likely to commit to the financial planning process and implement recommended financial strategies. In this three-day virtual workshop, MQ Partners will explore best practices in communication to engage the client’s heart and mind throughout the discovery process. Through large group discussions and small group breakouts, MQ Partners will get an invaluable opportunity to observe demonstrations and practice using the MQ Tools in a rich learning environment. 

“I appreciated the refresher on each stage, as well as the competency review. And then we went deeper! We could reflect on actual usage/experience with clients.” – MQ Partner Janel Carroll

This workshop is a fit if you are an MQ Partner wanting to reengage yourself with the suite of available MQ materials and looking for research-backed communication techniques to deepen your conversations with clients. 

“The role plays yielded authentic, vulnerable discussions that brought us closer together. If it did that for us, it can certainly do the same thing with our clients which will only deepen the relationship and benefit them.” – MQ Partner Guy Clanton

Trainers Amy Mullen, Paul Leighton, and Brenna Baucum will focus on each stage of the financial planning process to: 

  1. Explore the intellectual and emotional competencies required of the advisor to strengthen the client experience;
  2. Understand the unique objectives of each client meeting; and,
  3. Learn and practice communication techniques that help identify the qualitative information needed to form the foundation of the financial plan.
  4. Define and demonstrate the intellectual and emotional competencies required of the advisor to increase effectiveness and efficiency
  5. Learn and practice facilitation techniques that guide clients to discovering their own insights and solutions
  6. Hone and strengthen listening skills to identify the relevant qualitative information needed to form the foundation of the financial plan.

“Watching Paul, Brenna and Amy serve as the advisor in the demonstrations was very valuable, and then practicing immediately after reinforced my confidence.” – MQ Partner Ryan Klekar

This course will be limited to 24 attendees, and participants will earn 15.5 CFP CE. 

Learning Objectives

  • To develop active listening skills to identify the relevant qualitative information in each stage of the financial planning process;
  • To learn communication and facilitation skills that will help you better understand the client’s needs and values;
  • To gain insight into how to introduce and explain the objectives of each stage of the financial planning process;
  • To learn the basic concepts and theories from disciplines such as psychology, neurology, adult development, and communications to facilitate the meeting process in an efficient and meaningful way; and,
  • To explore how effective communication can truly make a difference in the lives of financial planning clients.


This three-day event will run from January 18-20, 2023, from 9 am – 2 pm PT.  Attendance for the entirety of the training is required for CFP CE. 

Tuition and Registration Deadlines

This training is available to existing MQ Partners only.

  • MQ Partners: $1,800

Registration deadline: January 9, 2023

Cancellation Policy

By registering for this training you agree to the following policies:

  • If you cancel on or before December 30, 2022, you will receive a full refund, minus a $100.00 processing fee.
  • If you cancel between December 30 – January 9, 2023, you will receive a 50% refund, minus a $100.00 processing fee.
  • No refund will be provided for cancellation after January 9, 2023.
  • No refund will be provided to individuals who are registered but do not attend the EQ Skills Training Session (i.e., “no shows”).