Open Office Hours with Amy Mullen, CFP®

About the Webinar

Do you have a question about how or when to use an MQ Tool? Do you have a tricky client problem that you haven’t solved yet? Have you had an experience for which you’d like to hear an expert opinion? Join us for a general discussion led by MQ President Amy Mullen, CFP®! 

Using MQ Tools and Resources is a powerful way to learn about and form strong bonds with your clients. This webinar will provide an opportunity to seek clarification on topics and concepts that you may find confusing or challenging, and to refine your understanding of how they can be most effectively used. 

Whether you are seeking help troubleshooting an unusual situation, discussing an unexpected obstacle, or looking for assistance in solving a complex problem – or just want to hear about what others are experiencing in their practices! – participating in this webinar will provide insight and guidance to help you navigate even the stickiest of your client relationships.


This webinar is free and open to MQ Partners only.