Workshop: EQ Skills and Competencies for Enhancing Client Engagement

If you have been an MQ Partner for two or more years and would like to increase your effectiveness with the True Wealth™ Planning process you have created in your practice, then this is the workshop for you!

The primary purpose of this four-hour virtual workshop is to learn and implement communication strategies that will fully engage clients in a compelling discovery and goal setting process. A fully engaged client is more likely to commit to the financial plan and to implement the recommended financial strategies. This experiential and educational webinar will provide financial planners with an overview of various communication frameworks and techniques from the Motivational Interviewing model. Participants will also observe demonstrations, practice communications techniques, and provide and receive feedback in small group interactions.

Learning Objectives

1. Define and demonstrate the intellectual and emotional competencies required to conduct an effective and efficient qualitative discovery process

2. Learn and practice facilitation techniques that allow clients to discover their own insights, identify their own goals, and define their own solutions

3. Hone and strengthen listening skills to identify the relevant qualitative information needed to lay the foundation for a personalized and motivating financial plan

Additional Information

Join MQ President Amy Mullen, CFP® and MQ Veterans Brenna Baucum, CFP® and Paul Leighton, CLU, ChF as they lead you through a half-day virtual intensive workshop. This experience will provide you with an overview of various communication frameworks and techniques from the Motivational Interviewing model and opportunities to observe demonstrations, practice with partners, and provide and receive feedback in small groups as each participants works to improve.

Specific MQ Tools we will use to demonstrate and practice these skills include:

  • Personal Insights about Money
  • Wheel of Life
  • Investing Your Time & Energy
  • Personal Insights about Change

“Watching Paul, Brenna and Amy serve as the advisor in the demonstrations was very valuable, and then practicing immediately after reinforced my confidence.” – MQ Partner Ryan Klekar

“The role plays yielded authentic, vulnerable discussions that brought us closer together. If it did that for us, it can certainly do the same thing with our clients which will only deepen the relationship and benefit them.” – MQ Partner Guy Clanton

This course will be limited to 24 attendees, and participants will earn up to 4.0 CFP CE, pending acceptance from the CFP Board.

Tuition and Registration Deadlines

This training is available to existing MQ Partners only.

  • MQ Partners: $200.00

Registration deadline: Friday, April 19