Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

This webinar is open to EVERYONE!

  • Free for MQ Partners
  • $25 Fee for everyone else

About the Webinar

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a style of conversation that calls out one’s own inner wisdom and motivation as well as the commitment to change.   It is unique in this way of communication because:
  • both parties (the speaker and listener) benefit from the conversation
  • MI has a focus component, which is to focus clients on a specific behavior goal
  • MI is an excellent tool to use in combination with other modalities such as Money Quotient
In this webinar, Ju-Lu Kuo will provide an introduction to MI and give the audience a taste of MI (refer the ability to interact with audiences).   She will also illustrate how MI can:
  • help financial planners feel more confident when having difficult conversations
  • be used with Money Quotient to reach behavior results and outcome for financial planning clients
  • be extremely effective for clients who are not ready to change

About Ju-Lu

Ju-Lu Huang Kuo, founder of Transform2action, has been an influential presence in palliative care for over 20 years, with a focus on communication with patients, families, health care providers, and institutions.  Ju-Lu has been recognized in the industry as an expert in handing difficult conversations and has been featured on Bridgeport News, Let’s Talk Tonight TV Show.  She also travels around the world as a guest lecturer at different hospitals and Schools of Nursing in Universities.  

She is a proud alum of Yale University, where she received her Master’s, and member of Motivational Interview Network of Trainers.  She is personally coached by Dr. William R. Miller, Founder and author of Motivational Interviewing.

You may spot Ju-Lu and her family singing in nursing homes or out camping with girl scouts.   She is based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, where she shares her home near Tesla Motors in Fremont!