MQ Open Forum: Understanding Life Transitions

About the Webinar

Change is the only constant, so it’s no wonder life’s transitions are at the heart of most financial planning work. In this MQ Open Forum, we’ll share a few tips and strategies for guiding your clients’ through successful life transitions and helping them understand the benefits of proactive and collaborative planning for transitions throughout their life journey.

This webinar is an excellent fit if you feel you’re still getting your arms around our suite of tools and resources or want a refresher of this fundamental inquiry category. As a group, we’ll discuss what we’re trying to uncover, why it is important, and the successes and challenges you, our MQ Community, are facing in this inquiry category with your

MQ tools and resources we will discuss:

  • Transitions Introduction
  • Life Transitions Survey
  • Personal Insights About Change
  • Life Transition Worksheets and Workbook Generator

Our MQ Open Forum webinars bring collaborative discussions to the virtual meeting space. Each session will focus on a particular topic and highlight the pertinent
practical/emotional aspects of client relationships and processes. The format for each Open Forum will be similar:

  • 20 minutes: We will begin with a brief introduction to the topic and share the MQ
  • 20 minutes: We will provide a handful of questions before moving into small group
    breakouts, allowing you to discuss the topic, learning with and from others
  • 20 minutes: We will reconvene as a large group to share the key takeaways

Be sure to take advantage of these valuable opportunities to interact with like-minded peers and gain new insights and ideas for your practice.


This webinar is free and open to MQ PARTNERS only