November “MQ Partner Open Forum” webinar – Relive the MQ Gathering!

This webinar is open to EVERYONE!

  • FREE to MQ Partners
  • $25.00 fee for everyone else

About the Webinar

We will recap the highlights and discussions of this year’s MQ Gathering. Our guest veterans will be Mark Silverman, CFP®, Mark Dale Mazur, RLP®, and Joel Greenwald, CFP®. This will be their first time attending an MQ Gathering, so we are excited to hear their perspectives. Join us and share your takeaways from this event, which is centered around the power of questions.

Are you curious about how other advisors are using the MQ materials? Ever wish you could ask another Partner about their fee structure? Want to bounce an idea off your like-minded colleagues?

Our “MQ Partner Open Forum” webinar series allows you to do all of this and more! These sessions offer an opportunity to tap into the depth of wisdom and breadth of experience within our MQ Community. In addition, members of the MQ Team are on hand to provide feedback and offer guidance.

Each webinar begins with a brief presentation featuring a helpful tip, strategy, or resource, as well as thoughts on the topic from a fellow Partner. The remainder of the session is open for discussion on any topic, and is shaped by your interests, questions, and experiences.