School of True Wealth™


Money Quotient offers a robust calendar of learning opportunities throughout the year.  Each program is designed to provide important information and valuable insights regarding Money Quotient’s True Wealth™ Planning Process and related topics of interest.  Presenters include researchers, educators, authors, MQ Team Members, and MQ Partners.

Training Courses

Fundamentals Course

“Fundamentals of True Wealth Planning” (FTWP) is our foundational training course, and serves as a prerequisite for acquiring Money Quotient tools and resources.  The purpose of FTWP is to provide participants with a thorough overview of Money Quotient’s unique process for delivering life-centered financial planning services.

Included in this 3-day seminar is an introduction to our philosophical foundation and the academic theories that have shaped the development of our tools and training.  In addition, we provide invaluable hands-on experience with the full suite of MQ materials, and facilitate important discussions regarding implementation and related practice management issues.

This intensive 3-day course covers both the philosophical foundation and practical application of the MQ True Wealth model.  We typically host three to four FTWP sessions per year in Portland, OR; and also conduct private sessions at the invitation of firms, study groups, and  organizations.

Advanced Courses

For MQ Partners seeking additional skills and knowledge, we offer Advanced Training programs specifically designed to enhance your mastery of MQ True Wealth Process concepts and client communication skills.  The focus of our Advanced Training sessions vary from year to year and are typically offered as 2-day events in Portland, OR.  Here are two examples:

Principles of Client Communication and Discovery—In this seminar, you will learn an “interpretive approach” for understanding client responses to MQ qualitative data gathering tools.  To meet this objective, you will be provided a framework of key psychological principles that foster awareness of client perceptions, values, attitudes, and beliefs while also establishing key guidelines for facilitating effective client communication.

Empowering Change: Understanding Motivations and Guiding Financial Decision Making—Each phase of the MQ True Wealth Process plays an indispensable role in facilitating positive change in your clients’ personal and financial lives.  To understand the dynamics at play, we first examine current research in several disciplines such as Principles of Adult Learning, Effective Communication, Self-Determination Theory, and Decision Making Theory.  We then apply this insight and knowledge in practical ways to increase your effectiveness as a financial planner.


Money Quotient webinars are designed to support your personal and professional growth. Speakers and topics are carefully selected to support best practices in holistic financial planning, enhance client relationships, and align with the MQ True Wealth Process.

Most notably, the “MQ Partner Open Forum" series offers the opportunity to tap into the breadth of experience and depth of wisdom within our MQ Community. Each monthly session begins with a brief presentation by the MQ Team that features a helpful tip, strategy, or resource.  In addition, an experienced MQ Partner is invited to be a co-presenter and to share from his or her unique perspective on the featured topic.  The remainder of the session is devoted to Q & A and shaped by your interests and experiences.

“Meet the Author,” “MQ in Action,” “First Step in Action,” and “MQ Partner Update” webinars are offered on either a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.  In addition, experts are invited to make presentations on special topics including practice management resources, client communication skills, theories of human motivation, and research findings that enhance the MQ True Wealth Process.

MQ Retreat

Money Quotient hosts a bi-annual Retreat to bring together members of the MQ Community and like-minded professionals.  The MQ Retreat offers a unique opportunity to explore the breadth and depth of a life-centered, values-based financial planning perspective and process.  Each MQ Retreat is designed to create a think-tank environment that fosters interaction with presenters and engagement with fellow attendees.  MQ Retreats are conducted in even numbered years in Portland, OR

MQ Gathering

The MQ Gathering is a bi-annual event that uses highly effective methods to stimulate and harness the collective wisdom of the participants. The program is driven by facilitated group discussions and exercises that allow you to tap into the bounty of expert knowledge and innovative thinking that is synonymous with the MQ Community. This conversation-focused group process fosters deep insights, creative action plans, and meaningful results. MQ Gatherings are conducted in odd numbered years in Portland, OR.