MQ Education: Fostering Your Client’s Self-Determination

About the Webinar

Self-determination theory suggests that people are motivated to grow and change by three innate psychological needs: autonomy, competence, and connection. Join us as MQ President Amy Mullen describes how advisors can frame the way they work withtheir clients to foster these universal needs and increase motivation in the financial planning process.

Introduced in their 1985 book, Self-Determination and Intrinsic Motivation in Human Behavior, Edward Deci and Richard Ryan developed a theory of motivation that suggests we are actively directed toward growth in these areas:

  • Autonomy: we need to feel that we are in control of our behaviors and goals. This feeling of autonomy is at the foundation of our belief that our actions will result in real change. Could a lack of autonomy be getting in the way of your client’s implementation?
  • Competence: we need to gain mastery and learn different skills. If we feel we have the skills we need to be successful, we’re more likely to take action to help us achieve our goals. How can you support your client’s competence and mastery of their financial lives?
  • Connection or relatedness: we must experience a sense of belonging and attachment to other people. What can you do to help your client tie their financial lives to the motivations that bring them a sense of connection?

An orientation toward these growth concepts requires continual maintenance and social support. Join us as we discuss your role in that social support, ways to help uncover intrinsic aspirations, and tips to provide positive feedback as you create an environment of growth and motivation for your client families.


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