MQ In Action: James Hindes | Integrating Money Quotient into the XYPN Tech Stack

About our Guest Veteran

James Hindes

Learn directly from MQ Veteran James Hindes as he shares how he utilizes Money Quotient in his practice, and how he incorporates the True Wealth™ process with portions of the XYPN tech stack (Wealthbox, RightCapital) and other tech solutions (Pulse360).

James is the owner of ENOW Financial, which he started in 2019. His practice provides financial life planning to individuals under 55. He also serves as an MQ Consultant, helping to walk new MQ Partners through our Implementation Consulting Program.

About the Webinar

The “MQ in Action” series provides the opportunity to hear how other financial planners are utilizing the Money Quotient materials. Each session features Veteran Money Quotient Partners sharing their unique expertise and approach to using the MQ materials. The session concludes with an open forum for questions.

Topics our Veteran will cover include:

  • An overview of their implementation process, using MQ tools with prospects and existing clients.
  • An in-depth look at their client engagement model after years of experience, showing each MQ tool being used.
  • Their observations about changes they made to more effectively engage clients and integrate the MQ materials.
  • Their approach for recognizing and managing client push-back and how they adapted to this resistance.
  • Their recommendations for making the most effective use of the MQ materials.

This webinar is free and open to EVERYONE!