A Values-Based Approach to Effective Communication with Prospective Clients

4 CE accepted by the CFP Board

Effective communication with a prospect and a well designed “Getting Acquainted Meeting” sets the foundation and trajectory for developing successful and satisfying long-term client relationships. This is also the time when the trust building process begins, making this an important opportunity for the advisor to emphasize the importance of working with a financial professional who takes a comprehensive client-centered approach to financial planning.  Both research and experience have shown that trust in the advisor is developed by expressing the importance of having the client’s values and priorities shape the financial plan as well as having the client experience a more holistic process via life-centered exercises and conversations.

In this workshop led by MQ President Amy Mullen, CFP®, we will discuss the psychological aspects at play in a client/planner relationship during the prospect stage of the process including client and advisor beliefs and biases.  In addition, we will explore how to develop effective communication that connects to the client’s emotional brain, sets clear expectations, and builds motivation to take positive actions in their financial lives.

This course will be limited to 24 attendees.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role of beliefs and biases in establishing an effective client/planner relationship
  • Address the importance of utilizing tools and techniques to communicate the planner’s value proposition and motivate the client’s commitment to the success of a long-term financial plan
  • Learn communication skills that set client expectations and clearly defines the benefits and outcomes of values-based financial planning
  • Discuss strategies that allow and encourage prospective clients to be open in sharing important personal and financial information that will influence the relevance and success of the financial plan

Tuition and Registration Deadlines

This training is available to existing MQ Partners only.

  • MQ Partners: $200.00

Registration deadline: Friday, July 19